Broken is Good

13 Weeks to Love, SEASON 1, EPISODE 2

"Broken is Good". Author and speaker Jennifer Jill Schwirzer shows how to live God’s love and how doing so fulfills the purpose for which He created us.

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Season 1

  • Introduction
  • Broken is Good
  • You and Me in Genesis 3
  • To Love and Be Loved
  • Hateful & Hating One Another
  • The Source of Love
  • Business Culture Shift
  • Delivering on Brand Quality
  • Our First Bonding Lessons
  • Brothers, Sisters, & Friends
  • Sexplained
  • Dating, Courting, Engagements & Beyond
  • Then Two Equals One
  • One Sinner Parenting Another
  • On the Way to Calvary
  • Abuse Stops Here
  • The Lost Art of Talking
  • The Church of If All Else Fails
  • Lentil Roast
  • When Competition and Recessions are Good News

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